Exchange/Return Policy

1. Conditions

- Time: Within the first 30 days from the date of actual delivery at your address, you are allowed to exchange your product if the product does not match our description on the website or incorrect with your order. We will pay delivery fee for these orders. For personal hygiene and safety for COVID-19, other circumstances are not accepted in our return/exchange policy.

- Only the following eligible products are accepted for exchange/return and refund:

+ The product has not been used, still in its original packaging, in the correct condition when received

+ Provide enough invoice, order confirmation, videos, photos during the opening process of the package

2. Exchange/Return Process

Step 1: After detecting an error or damage in the order, the customer contacts our Customer Service Department via email, providing the requirements documents, pictures and video evidence of the product, describing the problem encountered.

Step 2: After 48 working hours from the date of receiving the request email, we will respond to the customer about the problem encountered, confirm the status and send the customer the recipient information to return the goods. All return orders without receiving confirmation will be out of our control. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the delivery costs and refunds to the customer.

Step 3: Customers pack the goods, send to the shipping unit with recipient information as email instructions. Customers should take photos/videos of the repackaging process to handle disputes in case the goods received are not as described by the customer. In case the items returned is not as described by customers, we will not accept return requests

Step 4: After the order is returned, confirmed by the warehouse department, if the order is returned in the correct quantity, quality as mentioned, the customer will receive a confirmation email from Customer Service Department. Exchange/reship orders will be processed in approximately 48-72 business hours

- Orders can only be exchanged/returned or refunded after confirmation by Customer Service Department. If the customer automatically returns without any confirmation, the company is not responsible for processing the request
- The company only pays the delivery costs for cases arising from the company's fault. In all other cases, this cost is borne by the customer
- The company is only responsible for cases where customers buy and use according to the correct dosage, instructions, and course of treatment recommended by experts. If the dosage and duration of use are not the same as recommended, the customer is solely responsible for the effectiveness of the product, the company does not accept exchange/return and refund for these cases.
- Customers can only exchange products of equal or lower price. In case the customer wants to exchange but the product is out of stock, the customer will be refunded the full value of the order, including the product price and shipping costs.